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Do I Really Need to Have My Furnace Inspected?

Around September almost all heating and cooling companies will begin talking about some type of annual furnace inspection.  Of course, it is easy to brush this off as just another gimmick to make money, but it is really not.  Annual …

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Frequently Asked HVAC Questions for New Homeowners

Congratulations, new homeowners!  You’ve purchased your first home.  Once the celebratory champagne is gone and the boxes are unpacked, you may realize that you have some (ok, a lot of) questions. Home ownership is one of the first times that …

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What to Do to Prevent Ice Dams

Michiganders are rejoicing because once again temperatures are hovering around a balmy 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  After weeks of cold and snow, this feels like the tropics.  All of that snow just doesn’t disappear overnight, however.  The snow is melting leaving …

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Why Your Baby’s Room Temperature Matters

From the moment a baby is born, a parent begins to worry.  Is he hungry?  Is she cold? Is he eating enough? Is he eating too much?  Should the spit up look like that? Is that rash serious? Where should …

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5 Reasons to take Extra Precautions in Cold Weather

When the weather outside gets frightful, there is nothing better than cozying up with a warm mug of cocoa, layering on the blankets, and binging on the latest Netflix show.  However, staying warm is about much more than being comfortable.  …

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5 Indoor Activities to Help Your Sanity in Cold Weather

Yes, yes we’ve all heard the saying that ‘there is no bad weather, only bad clothes,’ right?  Well, sometimes there is bad weather, and sometimes it is just too dang cold to exercise or play outside.  In years past families …

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7 Things to Do to Prepare for an Arctic Blast

Just when you thought you were really sick of winter, we find out that the plains and Midwest are expected to see some very cold temperatures over the next week.  Though the thermometer will not be dropping nearly as low as …

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No Heat? Blame the Snow

With snow and cold temperatures on the way, it is important to be certain that our home’s heating system is working properly.  While an annual maintenance inspection can typically troubleshoot any existing or potential problems, there are still issues that …

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2 Tips for Outdoor Dog Safety in Cold Winter Months

When the temperatures drop, it is easy for us to stay warm and bundled up inside.  Keep the hot coffee coming please!  But, what about our dogs?  Even in the cold winter months, most of our furry friends need to …

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Why it’s SO hard to Wake up in the Winter and What to Do about it

Winter mornings can be brutal.  It’s dark outside, it’s cold outside, and you might need to spend time scraping ice or snow off of your car before going anywhere.  Whereas, your bed is warm and soft and it practically beckons …

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