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No Heat? Blame the Snow

With snow and cold temperatures on the way, it is important to be certain that our home’s heating system is working properly.  While an annual maintenance inspection can typically troubleshoot any existing or potential problems, there are still issues that …

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2 Tips for Outdoor Dog Safety in Cold Winter Months

When the temperatures drop, it is easy for us to stay warm and bundled up inside.  Keep the hot coffee coming please!  But, what about our dogs?  Even in the cold winter months, most of our furry friends need to …

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Why it’s SO hard to Wake up in the Winter and What to Do about it

Winter mornings can be brutal.  It’s dark outside, it’s cold outside, and you might need to spend time scraping ice or snow off of your car before going anywhere.  Whereas, your bed is warm and soft and it practically beckons …

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Everything You Need to Do Before You Turn the Furnace On

In the past we have been a family that has tried to last as long as possible before turning the heat on each fall.  This year, we are in the middle of potty training our 2 year old, which consists …

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4 Tips to Make Leaf Clean Up Easier

In the summers we mow the lawn, in the winters we shovel the snow, and in the fall, we rake the leaves.  The fall leaf clean up is a responsibility that most homeowners or renters need to deal with, and …

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What is the Best Temperature for Learning? (Virtual or In-Person)

September is just around the corner, which means that ‘back to school’ is a topic on everyone’s minds.  This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, ‘back to school’ is probably looking quite a bit different.  Whether you are including masks …

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4 Tactics to Try When the Hot Water Goes Out

It never fails–you are running late, turn on the shower, and quickly jump in it before testing out the temperature.  Aaarrgghhh! The universal sound of someone who just stepped into a freezing cold stream of water.  The majority of us …

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How to Make Warm Drinks to Keep You Toasty this Winter

When there is snow on the ground and the temperatures are hovering around freezing, it can be hard to think of anything except trying to get and stay warm.  Dressing warmly, exercising, turning up the thermostat, and piling on the …

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When Should I Worry About a Cracked Heat Exchanger?

Every winter we rely on our home’s furnace to keep us warm.  For most of us, we may not often think about that furnace on a daily basis–we are so accustomed to the heat it provides.  Your home’s furnace is …

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4 Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips During the Winter Months

You’ve probably heard of Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning before, but you may not realize how at risk you could be for it in your own home.  When the temperatures start to drop outside, that risk factor increases even more. Why …

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