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5 Trustworthy Internet Resources for HVAC Info

The internet brings us as much information as we could ever want, but that doesn’t mean it is all good.  We don’t have a problem finding an answer for our questions, but we want to make sure that we are …

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When Does Fall Actually Begin?

Lots of people LOVE fall.  They love the cooler temperatures, the changing leaves, and the chance to include pumpkin into all of the baked goods.  Department stores and craft stores start putting out fall decorations in mid August, and heating …

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Maintaining Your Smoke Alarm and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Every home should be equipped with a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector.  In fact, every home should be equipped with more than one.  “Place smoke alarms on every level of the home, outside sleeping areas and inside each bedroom. …

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Stay Safe During a Thunderstorm

Do you find thunderstorms to be scary? Or exciting?  Some people love hearing the crack of thunder, while others would rather never hear it.  Whether you are a storm lover, or someone who wishes storms would never happen, it always …

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What to Do if You Smell Natural Gas?

Did you know that natural gas doesn’t actually have a smell?  Most gas companies add a chemical to give it that rotten eggs type smell.  They do this because gas leaks are very serious, and they want you to be …

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How to Keep Your Air Clean When Re-Doing Your Hardwood Floors

Are you thinking of re-doing your hardwood floors?  Maybe you want a different stain, or maybe your floors have just been through quite a bit of use with children and pets.  Either way, you are ready for a fresh clean …

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How to Have Clean Air in your Nursery

First, second, or even third-time parent?  No matter how many babies you have brought home from the hospital, having a new baby on the way brings about a lot of questions and preparations.  You may have thought about nursery colors …

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Is the Nest Learning Thermostat Worth It?

One of the most exciting things that has happened at Flame recently is that Flame is now a specialized dealer and installer of the Nest Learning Thermostat. Like phones and televisions, thermostats are one of the latest gadgets to take on …

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What to Do With a Mercury Thermostat

In the past, mercury was commonly used in things such as thermometers and thermostats.  We now know that mercury can be very harmful and hazardous to our health.  Most thermostats sold today do not contain mercury.  However, If your home …

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Why is the Computer Room So Cold?

On hot summer days you may find yourself escaping to your office’s computer room.  Typically these rooms are much cooler than the rest of the building, and they offer respite from a steamy July day.  They are extra cool for …

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