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Why is Too Much Humidity Bad for Sleep?

Southeastern Michigan is ready to be hit with yet another blast of heavy rain this week.  After a summer of rain and all that comes with it: flooded basement, flooded roads, humidity, and mold growth, most of us are tired …

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Understanding HVAC Filters: MERV, Location, Types

When it comes to both the long-term quality of your air and the long-term effectiveness of your entire HVAC system, few items are more important than filters. Responsible for trapping contaminants and stopping them from entering your breathing air, HVAC …

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Finding Birmingham HVAC: Reputation, Pricing, Reliability

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some basics on how to find an ideal HVAC specialist in your area, whether it’s Birmingham or any other part of Michigan. Like any other home services you’re on …

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Is It Seasonal Allergies or Covid-19?

More than a year into the Coronavirus pandemic, many of us are familiar with the common symptoms of Covid-19.  We often get asked about them anytime we go to a routine doctor’s appointment, visit a store, or even dine-in at …

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Will Groundhog Day Bring Some Good News?

Nowadays we are all looking for good news wherever we can find it, and Groundhog Day just might be our next opportunity.  With frigid temperatures ahead of us here in metro Detroit, it is hard to not start dreaming of …

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3 Health Habits to Help You Kick the Post-Holiday Blues

This past weekend we “de-Christmas’d” our house.  My children ran around pretending to be the Grinch as they gathered the snowman throw pillows, nutcrackers, and pictures with Santa from over the years and carried it all to the basement.  I …

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5 Tips for Keeping Kids Healthy this Winter

Last year we published a post about keeping kids healthy during cold and flu season.  In addition to heating healthy and frequent hand washing, there are plenty of ways that your home’s HVAC system can also help out.  This year, …

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The Other Thing You Need to Do When Daylight Savings Time Ends

This weekend daylight savings time comes to an end.  Saturday night we will all gain an extra hour of sleep as we roll back the clocks one hour. Though there are movements to do away with these daylight savings time …

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Your Home’s Humidity Level Could Be Seriously Interrupting Sleep

If you have ever tossed and turned in bed on a hot summer night, you know how much the weather can impact your sleep.  Not only are the high temperatures uncomfortable, but cooler temperatures actually help to activate the sleep …

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Why You Should Start Drinking Hot Water Now

We all know that we are supposed to drink water.  And, if you have ever been really, really thirsty, you can definitely attest to how great water is.  That said, there are actually some benefits that you can get from …

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