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How to Make Warm Drinks to Keep You Toasty this Winter

When there is snow on the ground and the temperatures are hovering around freezing, it can be hard to think of anything except trying to get and stay warm.  Dressing warmly, exercising, turning up the thermostat, and piling on the …

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How Does My Roof Affect My Home’s Temperature?

Do you remember that song about bones?  “The toe bone connected to the foot bone…” etc…?  It is incredible when you realize how each of the systems in the human body connect with each other and work together.  In many …

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What Do Frosted Window Panes Say About My Home?

When it comes to music, it is hard to fault Frank Sinatra.  I mean, he was Frank Sinatra.  But, there is one thing that I just can’t quite get on board with:  how he romanticizes “frosted window panes” in his …

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5 Tricks for Waking Up during the Winter

Is it just me or is waking up during the winter months exponentially harder than during other times of the year?  Maybe because the room always seems so cold in the morning, or the fact that it’s often pitch black …

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How to Shovel Snow the Right Way

Shoveling snow seems pretty self-explanatory, right? 1. Move snow out of the way with a shovel. 2. Done. Until  you realize that your back is killing is you, and you’ve only done the first 1/4 of the driveway.  So, is …

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5 Ways to Help Your Kids Stay Healthy

There is probably no one who hates cold and flu season more than the parents of young children.  Not only are the immune systems of young children more susceptible to sickness, but daycares, schools, and indoor play places can be …

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Why is My CO Detector Chirping?

A few nights ago, we began to hear a an intermittent chirp coming from our toddler son’s bedroom.  Terrified that he would wake up, we did what any normal parents would do and went on a (very, very quiet) search …

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How to Save Photos from a Flooded Basement

Homes floods are awful.  They are a mess to clean up, and it can be expensive to replace or fix damaged items.  But I think most of us would agree that the worst part of a flood is when memories …

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How to Keep your Home Clean With Your Thermostat

Did you know that vacuuming could actually make your dust and dirt problem worse?  Yep–all of that hard work, up in smoke!  Or, should I say, all of that hard work, up in a cloud of dust! That’s because most …

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The EPA’s 3 Reasons to Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Your home’s ductwork helps heated and cooled air travel throughout your home and keep you and your family comfortable.  When that air reaches you, you hope when you breathe in a big gulp of it, that it’s clean, right? The …

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