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Simple HVAC Tips to Prevent Mold In Your Farmington Hills Home

Mold is never desirable in any home, and of all the areas where it may be present, the HVAC system is one where you have some of the most control. Mold growths in or around your HVAC system can be …

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What to Do do Save Your Photographs from a Flooded Basement

Two years ago, we published a blog post about saving photographs from a basement flood and water damage.  Now, in light of the recent 2021 heavy rains and subsequent floods in metro Detroit, is the perfect time to re-vamp the …

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How to Make Your Home Smell Good

Smells can evoke certain memories and emotions stronger than any other sense can.  This is because, smells go through our nose and olfactory pathways directly to the hippocampus–which can remind us of memories and feelings without us being directly aware …

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5 Little Known Facts About Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mothers, grandmothers, foster mothers, pet mothers, aunts, older sisters, godmothers, and any other maternal figures.  We know how hard all mothers work each and every day to positively impact the children (and adults) …

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4 Tornado Myths De-Bunked

Movies such as Twister have dramatized tornadoes, but that does not mean they should be taken lightly.  Tornado watches and warnings should always be taken seriously.  While tornadoes can occur anywhere at any time of year, they are most common …

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The Most Beautiful Local Spots in Michigan

Michigan is a beautiful state. In fact, often, while visiting a local park, walking by the lake, or heading ‘up north’ you can almost hear Tim Allen’s voice describing “pure Michigan.”  The beauty is not just limited to the popular …

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How to Combat the Winter Blues

Michigan can winters can be brutal.  We get snow–though not as much as other places.  We also can have really cold temperatures–sometimes even colder than Alaska.  But, what really seems to make winter so hard in the mitten state is …

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In Honor of Cyber Monday: Flame’s Cyber Services

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday…  It seems that now we’ve almost got the whole week covered with shopping focused holidays. In honor of Cyber Monday today, we’ve decided to take the opportunity to highlight some of …

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Top 6 Reasons to Invest in a Dehumidifier

Did you know that normal activities that you do everyday such as showering, cooking, and cleaning can add up to 25 pounds of moisture to your air? You aren’t imagining things.  There’s a reason you feel heavy and like you’re …

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Easter 2018 Service and Hours

Easter weekend is upon us, and soon we will once again be able to say, “Christ is Risen!” All of us here at Flame Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Electrical would like to wish you and your family a blessed Easter. …

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