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How to Prepare for a Cold Winter and Rise in Gas Prices

While helping my son get ready for school the other morning he questioned why it was dark outside.  In his mind, it clearly could not be time to get up and get ready if the sun wasn’t even up yet.  …

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8 Things to Never Ever Flush Down the Toilet

Most of us can say with confidence what objects we should flush down the toilet–toilet paper and human waste.  But, where things get a little foggy is when we stop and think about what CANNOT be flushed down.  While there …

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Why You Shouldn’t Shower During a Thunderstorm

There are over 16 million thunderstorms worldwide each year.  While most of us have probably experienced quite a few in our lifetimes, there’s still plenty that average person doesn’t actually know about storms.  For example, did you know that thunder …

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Why Your Baby’s Room Temperature Matters

From the moment a baby is born, a parent begins to worry.  Is he hungry?  Is she cold? Is he eating enough? Is he eating too much?  Should the spit up look like that? Is that rash serious? Where should …

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5 Reasons to take Extra Precautions in Cold Weather

When the weather outside gets frightful, there is nothing better than cozying up with a warm mug of cocoa, layering on the blankets, and binging on the latest Netflix show.  However, staying warm is about much more than being comfortable.  …

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5 Bathroom Cleaning Supplies that Might Surprise You

Cleaning the bathroom may be not be your favorite task, but it is something that needs to be done.  More than for just hygienic and aesthetic reasons, regular bathroom cleaning can also prevent mold growth and health issues such as …

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No Heat? Blame the Snow

With snow and cold temperatures on the way, it is important to be certain that our home’s heating system is working properly.  While an annual maintenance inspection can typically troubleshoot any existing or potential problems, there are still issues that …

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How to Hygge Up Your Home for a Cozy Living Space

The Danish tradition of hygge (pronounced HOO-GAH) has been gaining popularity in the United States for the past few years.  Defined as, “a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being,” embracing hygge this …

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Why it’s SO hard to Wake up in the Winter and What to Do about it

Winter mornings can be brutal.  It’s dark outside, it’s cold outside, and you might need to spend time scraping ice or snow off of your car before going anywhere.  Whereas, your bed is warm and soft and it practically beckons …

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How to Prevent a Cooking Fire this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and there are definitely a lot of opinions about how it should be celebrated this year.  With cases of Coronavirus once again on the rise, we will all be taking some extra precautions on …

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