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4 Energy Efficient Christmas Decorations to Try this Year

It’s about time to pull the Christmas decorations out of the garage, attic, or wherever you choose to keep them.  For most Americans, the holiday season is one of hefty spending.  Between gifts, travel, groceries for gatherings, and decorations, this …

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Get Out and Vote!

It is the first Tuesday in November, which means that it is election day here in the United States of America.  What a great privilege it is to be able to express our opinions and have a voice in our …

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5 Surprising Things Contributing to Your Home’s Energy Loss

When we think about energy loss in our homes, we often think about the obvious:  lights left on, doors left open, and running the air conditioner at full blast.  And, while it is true, that all of these things can …

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How to Keep Your Dog Safe in the Dog Days of Summer

We are officially in the dog days of summer.  Agreed? Contrary to popular belief, that common saying does not actually come from the thought of tired dogs lazing around on a hot summer day.  The history of the phrase extends …

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8 Hacks to Make Cleaning the Bathroom Less Miserable

My house gets vacuumed every day (well, almost every day), the kitchen counters get wiped down every evening, and the dishwasher is unloaded each morning.  What does not happen every day is a bathroom cleaning.  The downstairs bathroom will get …

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Ready for Some Good News? Summer 2020 Forecast

Snow in April kind of feels like the icing on the cake these days, doesn’t it?  Many of us have spent weeks at home as we work to protect ourselves and the lives of others.  Though it is a necessary …

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5 Interesting Facts about Leap Year

It’s Leap Year week! This week we will get to experience something that we only get to experience every four years:  February 29.  The Earth actually takes around 365.25 days to make a full orbit around the sun, which is …

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4 Carbon Monoxide Safety Tips During the Winter Months

You’ve probably heard of Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning before, but you may not realize how at risk you could be for it in your own home.  When the temperatures start to drop outside, that risk factor increases even more. Why …

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Tips for a Budget Friendly, Energy Efficient Super Bowl Sunday

Football is not everyone’s thing.  But, with over 100 million people watching it, clearly the Super Bowl is an event worth talking about.  Some people might be diehard football fans, some may be interested in the famed advertisements, and others …

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The Dangers of Cold Weather For Pets

For many of us, our pets are more than just animals–they are family.  Just like with us, cold winter weather can be dangerous and uncomfortable for our pets.  You may not have realized just how harmful cold temperatures can be …

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