Central Air Conditioning vs. Window Unit

Do you know that feeling?  When you walk into a movie theatre or restaurant on a 95 degree day? Ahhh…relief.  Sometimes air conditioning is the only thing that makes life tolerable on those scorching hot days.  However, there are some decisions to make when considering to air condition your home.  One being, do you want central air conditioning or a window unit?  Here are some facts about both:  

Bryant Air Conditioner Unit


  •  Central Air Conditioning Units are initially more expensive than a Window Unit
  • However, when using a programmable thermostat-there are much greater savings with the central air conditioner than with a window unit


  • A window unit can only cool 1-2 rooms.  This could be great if you have a smaller home or if you know that you do not need cool air in more than those rooms.
  • A central air conditioner can be used to cool many rooms 

Other Information:

  •  A central air conditioner will usually use the duct work you already have in your home for your furnace
  • Some may say that a central air conditioner is less of an “eye sore”
  • Putting a good filter in your duct work of central air conditioner can greatly help a family with allergies
  • You should change a central air conditioner filter every month, and a window unit filter every 90 days
  • It is very important that both units are sized for your home-so you do not have too little cool air, or too much that ends up being wasted

As we are nearing into fall, air conditioners are probably not on your mind.  However, this is a good time to mull over this information to decide for next spring.  Also, if you are considering having your furnace replaced-it is more cost efficient to do both a furnace and air conditioner at the same time because it saves time and money.  Flame Heating, Cooling and Electrical sells central air conditioning as well as installs them, however they do not sell or install window units.  Feel free to contact Flame with any questions! Much of this information was received from:   http://www.hvackey.com/central-air-conditioning-vs-wall-units.html and http://epics.ecn.purdue.edu/hfh/sub_websites/web_project/heo/Options/central_vs_window_AC.htm 

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