Central or Window? You Choose the Air Conditioner Best for You

Often with Michigan spring it seems to be a one step forward two steps back kind of situation.  One day will get a little warmer while the next will be freezing again.  Almost all of April and May we are on edge waiting for those warm days but knowing they could be snatched away from us in a moment.  However, that does not stop us from enjoying then sun (when we have it) and looking forward to the warm luxury of summer.  In this day and age air conditioning has become a major element of our lives.  We are used to a relief from the heat when we walk inside a building during the summer.  There are two main types of air conditioners: central and window units.  If you need air conditioning or if you are considering a new cooling unit, you may be wondering what is the best option.  Below I have listed some information outlining the basic pros and cons of each type to help in your decision making:

Central Air Conditioning:

These systems can cool your whole home and can typically be hooked up to the previously existing duct system from your furnace.  They are controlled by a thermostat.


  • Can cool multiple spaces in the home
  • Offer greater savings than a window unit with the correct usage of a programmable thermostat
  • Can also act as a de-humidifier
  • It does not take away from the natural light in your home by blocking off important window space, nor is it an “eye sore” in your window.


  • Generally more expensive than window units

Window Units:

These are air conditioning devices installed in your window.  They are typically temporary and removed from the window each fall.  They can only cool 1-2 rooms in a home.


  • Less expensive than central air conditioning
  • Good for smaller homes or apartments
  • Not as permanent as central air conditioning


  • Cannot cool large areas
  • Often has to be installed and taken out multiple times per year

No matter what device you determine to be right for you, just know that both central air conditioning must be sized properly for your home.  If it is too little or too large air and energy will be wasted.  Flame offers sales and services on central air conditioning, for more information contact Flame!

I received information from HVACKey “Air Conditioning vs. Window and Wall Unit Air Conditioners.”

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