Changing Your Furnace Filter 101

As fall starts to come around the corner, soon the furnace will be running pretty consistently (though hopefully not too soon!)  While the furnace is running on a regular basis it is important to change or clean your filter on a monthly basis.  Disposable filters can just be thrown away and replaced with a new inexpensive one from the hardware store.  If your filter happens to reusable it can be cleaned with a hose.  Unsure about how to actually get your filter out to throw it away or clean it?  Worry no more, just follow these easy steps:

  1. Turn off the furnace- from either the service panel on the furnace or at the main circuit breaker
  2. The filter is usually near the blower, and it is a square/rectangle type mesh device.
  3. Remove the filter
  4. If there is dirt and buildup make sure you wash or replace it.  (This is somewhat like pulling the “lint catcher” out of the dryer, just a little messier and bigger).
  5. Either wash the filter and put it back when it is dry or go purchase a new one!  Be sure to measure the old one, so you know what size to get.

Clean filters aren’t just for Type A personalities.  A clean filter will actually make your furnace run smoother and more efficiently.  Flame is willing to change your filter for you as part of an annual furnace inspection (which is complimentary with the Gold Plan)!


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