Changing Your Furnace Filter

It’s that time of the year again, where furnaces are beginning to run continuously. Though it is nice to have a warm home, it also means that it is time to change your filters!  Filters should be changed about every month.  If you use disposable filters, those are easy to replace at any local hardware or maintenance store.  Prices vary greatly, but it is better to not get the cheapest one because chances are, it will not work as well.  Some filters are not disposable and they need to be taken out and cleaned every month, which can be done with a hose.  (Reusable filters are usually metal or sometimes plastic).  Here is how to change or clean your filter:  Furnace Filter

  1. Turn off the furnace-either from the service panel on the furnace or at the main circuit breaker
  2. The filter is usually near the blower, and it is a square/rectangle type mesh device.
  3. Remove it
  4. If there is dirt and buildup make sure you wash or replace it, though it should probably be done anyways.  (This is kind of like pulling the “lint catcher” out of the dryer, just a little bigger and dirtier).
  5. Either wash the filter and replace it when it is dry or go buy a new one!  (Make sure to take the measurements of the old one, so you know what kind to get!)

Yes, you could think that this is a hassle every month, but it is not worthless!  Having a clean filter increases the furnace’s efficiency, which decreases your heating bills!  As always, if you have questions-Contact Flame!

Want more info?  Here is where I get some of mine: http://www.ehow.com/how_116602_clean-replace-furnace.html


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