Checklist to Get A/C Ready for Summer

Checklists can be a great way to stay organized.  I always make checklists when I have things that I need to get done. As the days are getting warmer, it is time to start thinking about what you need to do to get your air conditioner ready for summer.  In order to help you, Flame has created a handy dandy checklist:

  1. Clean out the furnace’s air filter.  Since your air conditioner most likely shares duct work with your furnace, it shares a filter as well.  That is why you want to make sure that the filter is nice and clean for the air conditioner as a clogged filter can really restrict air flow and cause the unit to not work properly.
  2. Switch the damper on your furnace to “summer.”
  3. If your home is equipped with a humidistat, or if you have humidification control on your thermostat, switch the humidity back from 35% to 0%.  With summer you no longer have that skin-cracking dry air!
  4. Wash the outside unit of your air conditioner, the condenser unit, by spraying it with a hose set to “fine spray.” Rinse it from the top down to get rid of any debris that may have built up during the winter.
  5. The disconnect for your air conditioner should be turned on at least 24 hours before you begin to use the air conditioner for the first time of the season.  Therefore, pay attention to the weather so you can make sure the air conditioner is ready when you want it to be!
  6. Sit, back, relax and enjoy the cool air…ahhh..

If for some reason your air conditioner does not turn on, or if you have any questions contact Flame!

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