Christmastime E3 Evaluation

‘Tis the season to begin crunching numbers.  With meal preparation, decorations, and gifts to think about, money can suddenly seem very tight.  It might be a good time to begin looking at alternative ways to save money, such as by making energy efficient improvements on your home.  How do you know where to begin?  Simple.  An Energy Efficiency Evaluation from Flame will determine what areas of your home are losing the most energy.

The typical home can lose 25-40 percent of the energy used by the furnace or air conditioner due to cracks or leaks in duct systems, windows, garages, or attics.  When you have an Energy Efficiency Evaluation or E3, a trained technician will use certain equipment to run tests on your home.  After analyzing the findings of where your home loses the most energy, he or she will present you with a plan for fixing these problems.  You are in no way obligated to make this adjustments, but they can give you ideas.

For more information about an E3, please contact Flame, and someone will be more than happy to help you out.

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