Cold Shower (Hot Water Heater) Remedies

Cold ShowerI know from first hand experience, as you probably do how frustrating, uncomfortable and inconvenient a cold shower can be when your water heater is not working.  Here are a couple of things to check or try when you are shivering because of your shower.

  • Check the pilot light!-This could cause your water heater to not work, and it is a problem that you can remedy at home
  • Check the water heater thermostat-Perhaps the temperature was accidently changed to way too low for your comfort.  You can try turning the temperature up and seeing if that helps to warm your water!
  • Often your hot water tank for your water heater contains sediment that can tend to group at the bottom of the tank.  Unfortunately this can cause water back ups.  You can clean out your tank to clean up this problem!
  • If there seems to be a bigger problem, or you just aren’t sure what is going on-you can contact qualified technicians like Flame.

Flame is also aware that cold showers are miserable which is why they promise that if you call before 1, you will have hot water by 5!

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