Cold?? Tips to Stay Warm After a Shower

A hot shower can be just the thing to energize you in the morning and relax you after a long day.  Though hot showers may make the “favorite list” of many, most of us would agree, that getting out that hot shower would probably make the “worst list.” Being hit by freezing cold air is not fun.  Therefore, here are a few tips to help keep you a little bit warmer after your next shower.

  • Use two towels and wrap up before leaving the shower Using a separate towel for your head will keep heat from escaping from your head.
  • Begin turning down the temperature in the shower.  Towards the end of the shower, start slowly turning the temperature of the water down.  This way you will already begin acclimating the cooler temperatures outside the shower.
  • Keep the shower door or curtain slightly open.  If possible, keep the shower curtain or door partially open to help even out the temperatures and lessen the big difference at the end.
  • Turn your towel inside out.  Dry off really fast with one side of the towel, and then turn it over and use the other side.  It will still be nice and dry!

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