Why Cool Temperatures are GOOD

One of the simplest ways to save some money on your heating bill this winter is by turning down the thermostat.  With an automatic thermostat, it is even easier, because once you set it, the job of adjusting the thermostat throughout the day will be done for you.  However, did you know that there is another good reason for keeping the temperature a little bit chilly, especially in the bedroom?

It can help to increase your metabolism and burn a few extra calories!  How?  Because research has shown the cooler temperatures can increase the amount of brown fat, or good fat, in your body.  Brown fat is metabolically active and can help your metabolic system.  It is important to remember to not set the thermostat too low for risk of hypothermia or the potential of freezing pipes.

So, When dialing that thermostat back this winter to save a couple of bucks, remember you could also be helping your body!

For more information, check out the sources for this post, this video from The Weather Channel, “How a Cooler Bedroom helps GOOD Fat” and  this article from the New York Times, “Let’s Cool It in the Bedroom.”

Also, feel free to contact Flame if you have any questions about preventing frozen pipes and keeping the heating bill down!.

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