Dog Urine Can Damage your Air Conditioner

Dogs.  They are so much fun to cuddle with and to play with.  But, those of us with a dog know that with all of that fun comes a lot of work.  It’s a fact of life that with a dog there will be ‘accidents.’  Your comforter may accidentally get chewed, you may find fluff from your kid’s stuffed animal all over, and your newly planted flower garden may accidentally be dug up.  When protecting your home from your dog’s accidents this summer, don’t forget the air conditioner.

If your furry friend has found that the outdoor condenser unit of the air condition is a great place to do his her or business, then you may have a problem.  Canine urine will cause the metal to rust on the unit.  Eventually this could lead to eating away at the condenser coil that contains the refrigerant, which means your a/c will not run properly.

Would you like to prevent this problem in your own yard?  Think about these ideas:

  • Spray the unit with a spray meant to deter dog accidents.
  • Make the condenser unit very difficult for a dog to access by putting up a fence or shrubbery around it.
  • Investing in a new unit? Ask for the air conditioner be placed on the side of the house instead of in the backyard.

Are you wondering if your dog has visited your a/c?  You will see visible signs, such as brown/yellow/reddish rust sports located in a specific area.

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