Driving in a Winter Wonderland: Heated Driveways

Keep your fingers crossed, we have cold temperatures…snow should be coming soon!  Snow brings a winter wonderland full of snowmen and landing pads for Santa’s sleigh.  Unfortunately, our modes of transportation are not so accustomed to the snow and so we have to shovel our driveways.  Or do we?

There is another option if you truly detest shoveling, and no, its not just asking your children to do it.  You can heat your driveway using radiant heat.  Radiant heat is a form of heating that heats underneath a surface electrically or through the use of water.  This technology can also be used in your home to heat rooms.  The important part, in terms of your driveway, is that the heat should melt all the snow away!

Winter Weather

Not having to shovel a driveway, reduces the risk of slipping and injury as well as sore backs and arms.  Lastly, a heated driveway will actually keep your drive in better condition, because you won’t need to cover it in salt.

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