Add Electrical Outlets to Help Christmas Decorations

Decorating for Christmas can be a lot of fun.  Hanging up the lights outside and deciding the perfect place for the Christmas tree in the living room are great family memories.  The problem is that there can be some things that stand in the way of your Christmas decorating:  the electrical outlets and where they are placed inside and outside your home.  Not many people want a long extension cord running across the room in order to light the tree, and it doesn’t look good to have Christmas lights hanging up outside that can’t be lit.

Flame can help with your Christmas decorating by installing additional electrical outlets where you want them-inside or outside.  These will help you light up your dream home during the holiday season, and extra outlets will also be helpful throughout the rest of the year for things such as vacuuming, or if you would like to rearrange furniture.

It is important to have licensed electrician do this work in order to make sure that it is properly completed and that your home stays safe.  For more information about electrical work in your home-contact Flame!

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