Energy Efficiency Evaluation

E3, you may have heard of it or read about it!  Here is just another reminder that is a great way to save energy and heating/air conditioning costs-especially as it starts to get colder!

The Energy Efficiency Evaluation will be performed by a trained consultant who will use instruments to help find out where there are leaks from places such as ducts, doors, and windows.  Around 25-40% of heated or cooled air is lost in your duct work alone!  The time is gone where we can afford to lose that much already heated air.

 The consultant will then show and explain to you about your problems and have a plan ready to fix it.  However, there is no obligation to actually follow through with it at that time.  (Though it is recommended)  When calling about an E3 appointment-ask if the introductory offer listed on the E3 page of the Flame Furnace website is still available.  There is no better time than now to figure out about your home’s leaks and energy waste areas!

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