Energy Star Offers Tips for Creating and Energy Efficient Home

Congratulations!  You moved in to a new home.  Now it’s time to think about paint colors, window treatments, and furniture-right?  Amidst all of the excitement, don’t forget to think about making sure your home is energy efficient.  Energy Star has an informational article that outlines what needs to be done to your home right when you move in, every few months, and every year in order to keep it running efficiently.  Here is a brief summary, but check out the full article for more information.

Checklist for Right After Moving In:

These are some one time fixes you can do in your home- even if you’ve been living in it for years!

Install/Program a Programmable Thermostat-Installing a programmable thermostat is the first step, but it is important to program it correctly in order to reap the full benefits.  Even if you do not have one, you can still manually adjust your thermostat throughout the day to enjoy similar savings, but it is not always as convenient or consistent as a programmable thermostat.

Change the Lights– LED (Light Emitting Diodes) and CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lights) use less energy and last longer than regular light bulbs.

Checklist for Every 3 Months:

Change/Clean Air Filter- Depending on what type of filter you have, you may clean it or you may replace it. When the filter is dirty the furnace and air conditioner need to use more energy to get the same amount of treated air into your home. This costs more money and is harmful to the unit, which is why it is important to change or clean the filter.

Checklist for Once a Year:

Furnace and Air Conditioner Tune-Up/Inspection- Tune ups prevent major problems and ensure that the unit is running efficiently and safely.

Check Weather stripping– Every year be on the look out for drafty windows because weather stripping can wear down.

For more information, contact Flame, or check out the full article from Energy Star: Energy Star Certified Homes Maintenance Guide and Tips to Ensure Top Performance.


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