Energy Tips While You're on Vacation

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  School’s out for break and this may be when you have decided to go on vacation!  Maybe off to sunny Florida or somewhere else warm where you do not have to worry about using furnace for a while.  However, before leaving here are a few tips for your furnace and other things in your house to help save money and energy while you are gone:

  1.  Turn down your heat!  If no one is going to be in your house for a week, why would your furnace have to work hard to heat an empty home?  You may already be in the habit of turning down your heat at different points of the day, but since while you are on vacation you will be gone for a fairly long period of time, you can turn your heat even further down!  However, you do not want to turn the heat down too far, because the pipes could freeze, you probably should not go lower than around 55 degrees.
  2. Along those lines, turn down your water heater.  An empty house does not need hot water!
  3. Make sure to shut all your chimney flues.  Though they should be shut whenever you are not using the fireplace, sometimes it is easy to forget to do that.  Shut them while you are gone to save energy, so the little heat you are using is not being wasted at all.
  4. If you will be gone for a longer period of time, it is not a bad idea to ask a neighbor to check on your home and make sure the furnace is still running so that there are no problems and the pipes do not freeze.  Also, it is not fun to come home from vacation to a home with a broken furnace!

If you are going out of town, hopefully these tips can help and have a wonderful time!

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