Everything You Need to Know About How to Hide your Air Conditioner

How to hide your air conditionerWhen it’s 90 degrees outside you may absolutely LOVE your air conditioner.  You may sing its praises as soon as you walk inside your cool home.  However, that doesn’t mean you have to love what it looks like.  Because, let’s be honest.  The outside condenser unit of the a/c is kind of ugly.  That said, once you are used to the joys of a cool home the thought of getting rid of the air conditioner isn’t an option.  Which means there is only one thing to do:  hide the air conditioner.

Why hide your air conditioner?

1. For the aesthetic appeal

Probably the most common reason people choose to hide their air conditioners is because they just don’t like the way it looks.  Who can blame them?  That clunky metal box may do wonders for the inside of your home, but it definitely is not very pleasing to the eye outdoors.

2. For protection from the family dog

Sometimes exposed air conditioners are very tempting for dogs to urinate on.  When this happens often, the condenser coil can erode causing major problems with the a/c.

3. For protection from curious children

Children, especially toddlers, like to put things in places where they don’t belong.  That includes sticking things such as sticks and rocks in the outside condenser unit of the air conditioner.


What to remember when hiding your air conditioner

-Allowing for space

When putting anything near your air conditioner you want to keep leave about12-18 inches of space.  However, that varies manufacturer to manufacture and model to model.  So, be sure to check on your owner’s manual the official requirements for your unit.

-Allowing for access

HVAC technicians will need to be able to access the air conditioner for yearly maintenance inspections as well as any repairs.  When considering how to conceal the air conditioner, make sure that a person can still get back to work on it.

3 different ways to hide your air conditioner

1. Landscape around the air conditioner

Plenty of people choose to place bushes or arborvitae trees around the air conditioner.  The green looks much better than metal in a yard.  The con? Landscaping may prevent dogs and children from getting too near, but it can’t keep them out completely.

2. Use potted plants

Find some big, fun pots, fill them with your favorite blooms, and place them strategically around the air conditioner.  Pro? You can change out what is in the pots from season to season or from year to year.  Con?  Just like with trees or bushes, potted plants may deter curious little ones, but they can’t keep them out completely.

3. Build a structure

There are many options out there for building a small structure around your air conditioner using a variety of materials.  This article from Country Living has some fun ideas such as a picket fence enclosure for your a/c as well as a tile mosaic enclosure.

Pros?  Dogs and children will have a much more difficult time getting near the air conditioner.  Cons?  Depending what you choose, building an enclosure may not blend as seamlessly into the yard as the other options would.

So, have you come up with a clever way to hide your air conditioner?  Let us know!

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