How Does The Nest Thermostat Work?

The Nest thermostat works like any other thermostat: by connecting your Nest thermostat to your compatible heating and cooling system you will be able to control the temperature of your home. You can turn up or turn down the heating or cooling at any time. The Nest thermostat also works by allowing you to set desired temperatures for desired times of the day and by learning about your home. With Nest Sense, your Nest thermostat will earn how long it takes your home to heat up or cool down, how drafty it can be, and what the weather is like around you.  Your Nest thermostat can even be controlled remotely when you download the Nest App. To learn more about how the Nest thermostats work, or about how you can get one in your home, contact FLAME Heating & Cooling at 888-234-2340.

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