How to know if you have a broken garbage disposal

Garbage disposal a truly a great convenience when it comes time to cleaning up your kitchen after each meal, however when your garbage disposal starts showing signs of you may want to pay attention. If you notice any of the following signs then you should get ready to call a plumber who can fix it before it breaks completely and you have to buy a new disposal.

Here are some signs that you have a broken garbage disposal:

  1. Needing to press the reset button every time you use the disposal
  2. It takes a longer than usual time to break down food
  3. It gets clogged even when the food scraps going in are is very small
  4. It has a bad smell
  5. Your disposal is excessively loud and sounds like scraping metal
  6. Water is leaking from the garbage disposal
  7. The garbage disposal won’t turn on at all

If you turn your disposal on and nothing happens, check the circuits of your fuse box to make sure the one that controls the disposal hasn’t been tripped. If it has, turn all the way off and back on again. If the circuit hasn’t been tripped then your garbage disposal is probably broken. If your garbage disposal stops working, or if you notice any of the signs above, call an expert plumber from Flame at 586-582-1700.

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