How to know if your toilet is broken

As funny as it may sound, we’re very serious when we say that you really shouldn’t take your toilet for granted. Most people don’t realize how inconvenient it can be to have your toilet break down completely, but for those of us who have experienced this problem, we know all too well. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for early warning signs that could indicate a toilet that is, or will soon be, broken.

How to know if your toilet is broken:

  1. Look for cracks and worn out washers on the tank.
  2. Examine the floor after before and after flushing to see if any water has accumulated. This could alert you to a leak you didn’t know about.
  3. If you see water close to the base of the toilet this could indicate a crack in the bowl.
  4. Check for any buildup of mineral deposits around the inside rim of the bowl and around the siphon tube inside the tank.
  5. If your toilet sounds like it is constantly running this could be the sign of a broken flapper.
  6. If your toilet refills spontaneously you may need to adjust the float or get a new flapper.
  7. If your toilet does not flush at all, then this is a sure sign that it is broken and you should probably call a professional plumber.

Any of the problems above are indications that your toilet’s days are numbered. Call Flame Heating and Cooling at 586-582-1700 to have one of our expert plumbers fix your toilet today.

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