Why do I need regular heating and cooling maintenance?

Whether or not you have a warranty, regular maintenance of your home heating and cooling equipment is important for a number of reasons. First of all, if your heating and cooling system is still under warranty, you may think it is less important to have regular maintenance because it is still covered. However, this is almost never the case. Nearly all warranties state that repairs needed due to a lack of routine maintenance are not covered.

Your HVAC equipment requires a checkup from the eye of a trained professional in the same way that your car needs to have it’s oil changed regularly in order to function properly. The consequence of ignoring your car’s needs could leave you abandoned on the side of the road. Ignoring the needs of your furnace or air conditioner could have equally bad consequences. The last thing you want is you heat to go out in the dead of winter, or to have no AC on a 90 degree day.

Here are some more benefits to regular heating and cooling maintenance:

  • Safer operation of all HVAC equipment (especially for all natural gas equipment)
  • Longer lifespan on your heating and cooling systems
  • Avoid having to pay for more expensive repairs in the future
  • Stay under warranty coverage to save on any needed repairs

Whether or not you are still covered by a warranty, there is no doubt that regular maintenance of your heating and cooling systems is important. If you haven’t had your furnace or air conditioner inspected recently call Flame Heating and Cooling at 586-582-1700.

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