how to tell if your sewer drain is backed up

A backed up sewer drain can cause a lot of issues for the internal plumbing network of your home. It could even lead to raw sewage coming all the way back up to the drains in your home. The damage to your plumbing from a backed up sewer line could end up costing you some very expensive repairs, which is why it’s important to look out for the warning signs.

Signs that your sewer drain is backed up:

  1. Drains in your home flowing really slowly
  2. Gurgling noises coming the toilet bowl
  3. A clogged drain or toilet
  4. Water starts to overflow from your shower drain or toilet when you run the washing machine
  5. Water is flowing from your sewer clean out pipe at the side of your house
  6. You hear water backing up from a different drain in the house when you run a sink or flush the toilet

Sewer drain backups are often caused by tree roots growing through sewer lines. However, no matter the cause, this is an issue that can cost you a lot if you don’t catch and act in time. If you start noticing any of the signs above, first, shut off your water valve, then call an expert plumber from Flame Heating and Cooling at 586-582-1700 to inspect and clean your sewer drain.

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