Feelin' Hot, Hot, Hot … Ways to Stay COOL

Whew!  It is going to be HOT. The first day of summer is bringing with it the warm temperatures that I crave in the middle of February. Though 90 degree days sound great as you shovel the snow off of your car (again), staying outside during a 90 degree day can in reality be dreadful. Here are some ideas and tips for surviving a heat wave:

Temperature Rising in Thermometer


  • Stay Inside. This is probably the most obvious piece of advice. If it is scorching outside, turn the air conditioner up and stay inside and watch a movie.
  • Close the Shades. While you are inside basking in the cool air from your central a/c, close the shades or blinds. This will help to keep that cool air inside and will curb the sun from warming up the room. Also, be sure that the windows are closed too!
  • Ice, Ice, Baby.  Take advantage of your ice maker or freezer. Put ice in all of your drinks or even put it in a baggy to rest on your forehead as you lounge outside or in. Don’t forget ice cream!
  • B.B.Q. Take your cooking outside! Not only are grilled chicken, hamburgers and hot dogs perfect summer food, but by cooking outside you prevent heat from the stovetop and oven making the kitchen toasty.
  • Jump on In! Try to immerse yourself in some type of water whether it is a backyard pool, lake or even cool shower. You will feel immediate relief and while you dry off, the evaporation of the water will also help to cool you down.
  • Head downstairs.  Heat rises, right? Therefore, do not choose a hot day as the one you will finally clean out the attic. Instead, focus on the basement!

When the weather is extremely hot, it is important to stay hydrated and cool for both comfort and health reasons. If you have any issues with your air conditioner, please feel free to contact Flame!

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