Flame Partners with Michigan Company for Energy Efficiency

One of Flame’s main aims is to increase the efficiency of your home.  In order to accomplish this we have offered Whole Home Energy Efficiency Evaluations as well as sold efficient heating and cooling products and thermostats and providing services such as the installation of insulation.  The purpose of these products and services is to help you both save money on utility bills and to also reduce negative impacts on the earth.

In addition to striving for a more energy conscious and efficient world, Flame has also been a strong proponent of Detroit and Michigan-based companies and helping to strengthen our state’s economy.  Flame is proud to announce big news concerning both of these goals.  For their E3 Energy Efficiency Evaluations Flame has paired up with Pure Eco Environment Solutions, a Michigan Based company focused on energy conservation.

With this partnership, Pure Eco will help perform the evaluations to discern what help is needed in your home, while Flame will perform all of the work for the home.  Therefore, if you are interested in supporting local companies as well conserving energy, this would be a great opportunity to contact Flame to learn more!

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