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The temperatures are freezing and the snow is falling making today a perfect day to sit beside a fireplace with a cup of tea or cocoa.  Fireplaces bring to mind warmth and coziness and days of the past.  Sometimes though, fireplaces are not always so warm.  If your gas fireplace breaks that can really ruin your day.  The good thing is that Flame is now offering gas fireplace repair services!

Open chimney flues can also cause your home to get a little chilly.  So be sure to  shut them when you are not using the fireplace in order to save heat, energy and money.  However if the pilot light on your gas fireplace is always on do not shut the chimney flue!

If you have any questions or concerns about your gas fireplace, contact Flame to get them answered or to have your gas fireplace repaired.  Keep being able to enjoy these cold cold days by spending time by the fire.

Some of the info I got about fireplaces was from this wikipedia page about fireplaces

Image found at Best Fire Hearth & Patio

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