Basement Floods Offer New Opportunities

Though it has been about 2 weeks since it rained so hard in metro Detroit that freeways were flooded, there are still many people paying the consequences by working to clean up and restore their flooded homes.  Though flooded basements can be both a financial and a time burden as well as an emotional drain, there are some ways to look at them with a “glass half full” kind of perspective.


According to the AHRI (Air Conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute), “Flood-damaged heating and cooling equipment and systems should be replaced and not repaired….”  Being left in standing water could damage the heating and cooling equipment beyond repair.  So how could this be a good thing?  Well, this could be an opportunity to invest in a newer and more efficient furnace or air conditioner.  The efficiency of these types of units will end up saving you money in the long run.  The AHRI also reminds you to look into utility rebates for high efficiency heating and cooling equipment to help offset the price.

Furthermore, duct work will have to be replaced or removed and thoroughly cleaned and dried in order to be decontaminated from any flood water.  This could be a great time to have your duct work sealed, which will further your energy savings even more (AHRI).

At Flame we recognize the problems that flooded basements cause, and we are ready to respond and help you.  Please contact Flame if you are interested in learning more.

Source- AHRI

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