Frequently Asked Questions about Air Conditioner Inspections

Frequently Asked Questions about Air Conditioner InspectionsIn the HVAC world we really only have two seasons:  heating season and cooling season.  That’s because we spend those ‘in-between seasons,’ fall and spring, getting ready for winter and summer.

For many of us, whether or not you are in the HVAC industry, spring is when we are focused on getting our homes ready for summer.  For example, maybe you are pulling the kids toys out of the garage, or maybe you are busy weeding and planting gardens, or maybe you are sorting through last year’s warm weather clothes to see what still fits.

For us HVAC people, our spring is spent making sure that your cooling system is ready for the hot summer temperatures.  So we have one more thing to add to your spring to-do list:  scheduling an air conditioning inspection.  Before you do that, however, we have some answers to some frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I schedule an air conditioner inspection?

Air conditioner inspections can happen anytime as long as it is at least 65 degrees Fahrenheit outside.  We recommend scheduling your inspection as soon as possible to make sure that any issues with your cooling system are taken care of before the temperatures rise too high.

Can I turn my air conditioner on before the inspection?

Yes!  In an ideal world, the inspection would be completed before you had need of the air conditioner, but we know that doesn’t always happen.  You do not need to have the inspection before you turn on the unit.  However, if you notice any issues once the air conditioner is running, be sure to call and ask about those right away.

How long will the inspection take?

About 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Where will the inspection take place?

Technicians will inspect both the outside and inside portions of the unit.

Why should I have my air conditioner inspected?

Having your air conditioner inspected annually increase the efficiency and the longevity of the unit.

Why was my inspection cancelled?

If your inspected needs to be re-scheduled most likely it is due to rain.  Unfortunately, for the safety of the technicians they cannot perform air conditioner inspections during rainy conditions.

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