Furnace Not Working? It Could Be the Leaves this Fall

Changing and falling leaves are one of the most common signs of fall.  They are beautiful to look at, fun to jump in, and sometimes a pain to rake up.  However, sometimes they can cause some surprising problems.  Depending on what type of furnace you have, crunchy fall leaves can cause it to stop working.

High efficiency furnaces (90% AFUE and above) have PVC intake and outtake pipes on the side of the home, typically close to the ground.  High efficiency furnaces use these rather than chimneys for intake and outtake purposes. The problem is when leaves pile up around these PVC pipes and clog them.  When this happens, the furnace can stop working.  If you happen to notice your high efficiency furnace not working this fall, take a look at those PVC pipes for any blockage and clear them out.  If, after this, your furnace is still have problems, it is time to call a professional, like us at Flame!

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