Get Ready for Summer with an Air Conditioning Inspection

Schedule an air conditioning inspection to get your home ready for summerI’ll admit it.  It’s not even mid-May and I have already turned on the air conditioner.  Apparently my body must have gotten used to the cold after what felt like a seemingly endless winter, and the moment the thermometer neared 80 I suddenly felt like I was sweltering.  Now, we didn’t have it on for long, and it hasn’t been on since, but still, to hear the din of the air conditioner made it feel like summer really is coming.

Suddenly the air conditioner no longer seemed like a bizarre piece of art taking up space in the backyard, and instead like an appliance that would once again become a good friend during June, July, and August.

With a summer ahead of us that’s hopefully filled with more warm, sunny days we all want to make sure that our air conditioner is running at the top of its game.

The best way to do this is by scheduling an air conditioning inspection.  An inspection performed by a qualified HVAC technician will look for any damage or potential for problems.   By making sure that the air conditioner is working properly, you will hopefully avoid any major issues during cooling season that could be expensive and also leave you and your family sweating.  It’s important to note that air conditioning inspections also help to keep your air conditioner running efficiently.  Even little problems that you may not even notice, can end up adding up each month in your utility bills.

When scheduling your air conditioner inspection, be aware that air conditioning inspections cannot happen if it is raining, or if the temperature is under 65 degrees.  Though it can be difficult to determine that ahead of time, most heating and cooling companies will work with you to reschedule if the forecast changes.

For more information about getting ready for summer, or if you would like to schedule an air conditioning inspection, contact Flame!

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