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There are many things that big chain stores or companies are good at.  Believe me, I love Target and Olive Garden just as much as the next person.  Typically  they are less expensive, you can find them anywhere and in the case of stores, they have a wide variety of products.  I understand all of the pros to these types of stores, companies or restaurants.  However, when do you not want to go to one?  Usually when you need something special or important, right?  Is your home not special or important?

When there is maintenance or installation done on the heating, cooling, plumbing, indoor air quality, or electrical in your home you want to be sure to have a company you can trust.  Why?  These elements of your home are essential and they can also be expensive.  These are not areas where you want to cut corners and end up losing or spending even more money. Furthermore, when work is done on these, a technician could be in your home for a few hours to up to a few days (I promise, they go home to sleep though).  Having someone that is trustworthy, reliable and recommended is vital to the condition of your home and the safety of you and your family.

Local companies are able to give you the comfort and quality you desire for important jobs in your home.  Here are some advantages of local companies:

  • You can put a face to a name.  Before having any work done on your home you can easily drive out to their office and check them out.  Additionally, you can schedule consultations.  This way, you can get to know exactly who you are working with, the values of the company and the way they operate before you spend any money.
  • You are talking to someone in the same state.  Recently I called a popular chain company to ask a question and schedule an appointment that would take place in Michigan.  I discovered that the person I was on the phone with was in Texas.  I really didn’t like this because I felt like the company had no personal investment in me or my problems whatsoever.  Local companies are generally more caring and willing to work to meet your individual and specific needs.
  • The quality is there.  Smaller, local companies have to work hard to beat the big chains.  They rely on positive reviews and a good, solid reputation.  In order to achieve this, the quality of not only the product but also the customer service must be outstanding.
  • Support your town (or state).  Using a local heating and cooling company means that you are helping to support your hardworking neighbors.  Help strengthen your area’s economy.

Flame Heating, Cooling and Electrical has been a family owned, Detroit-based company since 1949.  For more information about us, or using a local company, please feel free to contact us!

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