Going Energy Efficient Green Part 2

Green is everywhere this month from “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” t-shirts to movies about leprechauns.  Your home can also go green, though not in the way that you might think.  As we transition from winter to spring, this is a perfect time to think about making your home more energy efficient, or green.  In this post we discussed some very inexpensive ways to increase your home’s efficiency.  Now we are going to take it up a notch and talk about some other means of saving energy that may be more expensive and labor intensive.

Add Insulation. This isn’t too expensive, and you can do it yourself, or call a professional.  Making sure that your home is properly insulated, especially in the attic and on the outer walls of your home, will help save energy in the winter AND in the summer.  Insulation keeps the conditioned (heated or cooled) air inside, and the unconditioned outside air outside.

Invest in High Efficiency Products. Not every furnace, air conditioner, or water heater is created equal.  Some are more energy efficient than others.  You can determine a unit’s efficiency by checking out it’s AFUE, SEER, or The Energy Factor, respectively.  Purchasing a new unit can have a high initial investment, but over time, the savings make up for this.

Have an Energy Efficiency Evaluation. Energy Efficiency Evaluations can be performed on your home to determine exactly where it is losing the most energy.  It is a diagnostic tool that consists of a variety of tests.  After the evaluation is completed, the consultant will design a plan to help bring your home up to a higher level of efficiency.  You and your consultant can determine which changes, if any, are the most important to implement.

While we see that everyone might be a little bit Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, our homes can actually be really “green” all month long.  For more information about these energy saving ideas, contact Flame!


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