Going Gold Saves Green

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner it is hard to not be thinking GREEN. From Shamrock Shakes to leprechaun decorations this is the time of year when being GREEN is in.

At Flame we are also thinking about GREEN, namely the GREEN in your wallet. One of the ways that you can save on your home comfort this year is by Going Gold, or becoming a member of Flame’s Gold Plan. The Gold Plan is an HVAC maintenance contract and it can be used for either residential or commercial HVAC service. As a Gold Plan member you receive many benefits such as priority on emergency service calls, but you also receive major savings. Here are some of the ways that you save money by being a Gold Plan member:

  • An annual furnace or air conditioner inspection is included in the Gold Plan
  • Gold Plan members have a reduced diagnostic fee on service calls
  • Gold Plan members receive discounts on parts and labor

Lastly, a Gold Plan membership helps to ensure that your equipment is running properly which can save you money on any major repairs in the future, and it allows you to have a more energy efficient home, which is also a money saving feature.

For more information about the guaranteed HVAC Services of the Gold Plan, contact Flame!

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