Do the Math, Gold Plans Make Cents

Gold Plans, Gold Plans-you are probably sick of hearing all about them on either this blog, the website, Facebook or Twitter.  Yet, there is a reason we keep screaming about them.  They are a good investment.  It is simply a matter of numbers:

  • Flame has a $98 diagnostic fee for a technician to simply come out to your home, whether he stays there 5 minutes or 5 hours.  This is used to cover labor, time, gas, truck where and the excellent service Flame provides.
  • On top of the $98 diagnostic fee, you may also have to purchase parts which could be over $100.
  • An annual inspection for your furnace or air conditioner costs $129.50.  These are very important to maintaining your unit and making sure it has a long life.


1 Gold Plan for 1 Unit = $161

With a Gold Plan your diagnostic fee is waived, and you receive a free annual inspection plus 10%  discount on parts, service, electrical work and duct cleanings. Which adds up to….

10% of $100 (for parts) is $10

$161 + $10 = $171

If in one year you get an inspection, have just 1 service call and only buy 1 or 2 parts… it would cost you $327.50 without a Gold Plan and only $171 with one!

With the Gold Plan you will also receive discounts on generators, water heaters and home comfort systems as well as you will have priority on emergency calls.  Now do you see why we talk so much about it?  It’s really the best deal since sliced bread.

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