Having Electrical Problems?

Electricity is very important in everyday lives.  When building a new home it is important to have it wired well and if the power goes out anywhere in your home or office it can sometimes seem like a big deal.  Here is an idea if your power does go out and also some other tips:

  •   Check the circuit breaker.  You can tell if it isn’t working by looking or testing for a wiggly breaker.  It shouldn’t be all the way to the on or off positions.  If you find one of those, flip it all the way to the off position and then back to on.  If it is having problems staying on, flip it back to the off position (tape it if necessary) and wait to find out what the problem is.
  • If all the power in your home goes out it could be because of a storm or problem with the electrical company.  This can last from a couple minutes to days and sometimes you cannot go for days with your power out.  Consider investing in a back-up home generator that will restore power to your home while electrical lines are being fixed.
  • Flame has certified technicians that are able to help you with most if not all electrical needs.  Flame can wire your home for you and help with other problems you may be having.  Electricity can be dangerous to deal with and if you aren’t exactly sure what you are doing, sometimes it is best to call someone who does.

Christmas lights are going up, and that can often mean power trouble!  So here are some ideas that can maybe help you out and also feel free to call Flame about any electrical needs.  For more information on generators you can call Flame or look through the blogs for articles dealing with generators such as “Stand-by Generators vs. Portable Generators.”  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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