Healthy Home Checkup

In December, I went to the dentist for the first time in a year and half.  This is fairly abnormal for me, I usually go every 6 months, but circumstances made it impossible to schedule an appointment on time.  However, I can’t imagine that I am the only who has ever neglected to have something checked as often as they should, how many people get physicals every year?  The same thing can go for your home.  Oftentimes, people are so busy not going to the dentist that they forget that their home also needs some TLC.

How to Keep a Healthy Home

Heating, plumbing and electrical checks can make sure your systems are all running safely and efficiently.  They can find small problems before they become big ones (think itty bitty cavity instead of a large monstrous tooth) saving you money, worry and exasperation.  Flame realizes that it is hard to remember to have all of these systems checked, which is why Flame is offering the Healthy Home Checkup.  The Healthy Home Checkup includes:  a heating, a plumbing and an electrical inspection for $99.  If you call now…we’ll throw in a free Carbon Monoxide detector.  Actually, the CO detector comes with the inspection no matter what, but it might make you feel better to think you won it.

I will tell you honestly, that this price really is a good deal.  That is 3 inspections and a Carbon Monoxide detector for only $99.  $99 usually only gets you around 2 tanks of gas.  If you have any more questions about the Healthy Home Checkup or would like to schedule one, please contact Flame!

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