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Happy December!  As we move into the holiday season we may be thinking about prepping our homes.  This could include going shopping for a Christmas tree, putting up outside lights, making popcorn strings etc…….  But there are other ways to prep your home for the holidays.  For all of the guests you may be having you want to make sure that your home is as comfortable as possible.  Therefore, here are some ways to ensure that your home is heated consistently and there’s not a room that is “too hot” or “too cold.”

 Check your air vents.

Oftentimes one can close  the vents or registers for rooms that heat easily.  This will force the warm air into the other rooms.  You might even consider closing off the registers to rooms that you are not using to further this process or to save money.


Insulating the attic and walls of a home is a great, easy way to boost the efficiency of your home.  An improperly insulated home can lose a lot of heat.

Windows and Doors

Weatherstripping can help with drafty windows and doors.  Older windows tend to have more leaks, so installing newer windows is also a solution.  Another idea is to have fun with your kids to create a draft stopper.

Hopefully you can check out these ideas to prepare your home for the holidays amidst ornament hanging and cookie baking.  Any questions?  Contact Flame!




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