Heating Alternatives to a Furnace

Let’s face it, some of us are just heating and cooling ignoramuses.  This is not a bad thing, some people are just more knowledgeable in other areas.  Anyways, if you are like I once was-you probably do not really know much about the process that goes into heating your home, which means you are also probably unaware to alternatives to regular furnaces.  Well, here are some to think about and their pros and cons:

  • Boiler:  Boilers use water that is heated in order to warm your home.  Typically they do not dry out your home as much as a normal furnace.  Boilers use aluminum fins and copper pipes in order to heat your home, but they do not take up as much room as the ductwork needed for a furnace.  Last but not least, it is considered to be more economical than a forced air furnace and it does not bring as many allergens.
  • Radiant Heat:  In general terms, radiant heat is simply heat under your floors or in your walls that heats your home.  In this way, especially if the heat comes from the floor-the heat is being transferred to the person instead of to the air.  Radiant Heat is great for additions so you do not have to worry about extending ductwork from your furnace.  Radiant heat can also be used in driveways and sidewalks (so you do not have to shovel).
  • Geothermal Heating:  Geothermal systems are initially more expensive than a regular furnace.  However, they are incredibly energy efficient so you earn back the money you spent.  These systems use the hot or cool temperatures from the ground to heat or cool your home.  Geothermal Systems are one of the “Greenest” ways you can go when heating your home!

Hopefully these short descriptions helped you to learn a little more about the technology and items that can be used to keep you toasty during the Winter!  Contact Flame for any questions!

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