Heating and Cooling Systems

Sometimes looking at heating and cooling units is a very overwhelming and scary process.  Who knew there is more than one kind of furnace or air conditioner?  You just want one that keeps your house warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer.  That’s why Flame is here to help. Flame uses and trusts Bryant Products. Here are some examples of Bryant Systems:

  •  The Evolution System:  This is one of the top systems, because it allows you to have the temperature, air quality, humidity etc… right at your fingertips.  It is also very green and highly efficient.
  • Split System:  This is a very common system that has parts both inside and outside of the home.  This is a typical heating and cooling system.
  • Hybrid Split System:  This system is a more efficient version of the regular split system.  It allows you to decide which fuel is being used and it also includes the option of using electricity as fuel.
  • Duct Free Split System:  These systems do not use typical duct work and are perfect for spaces in your home where conventional duct work cannot fit.  These are especially good for additions, so you do not have to add on to your already existing duct work.

Hopefully these descriptions help you when picking out or deciding on any new heating and cooling options.  You can check out Bryant’s website: www.bryant.com or call Flame and talk to a Comfort Consultant about which system is best for you.

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