"Hibernating" for Winter

The birds are flying south, and the bears are beginning to hibernate.  All in preparation for the season and temperature to come.  What are you doing?  Though thankfully modern technology has made it so we do not have to store food for winter, we still have have to prepare our homes.  Your furnace is probably one of the most important things in your house during the cold months.  Without it, you will be spending money on lots of blankets upon blankets and sweatshirts.  Here are some things to do to prepare both your home and furnace for winter. 

  • If possible, check your roof.  Be on the look out for cracks or loose shingles.  Also, if you have storm doors-make sure that they are in working condition.  They can really help to keep the warm air in your house.  You can fix the squeaky hinges with some WD 40.
  • Replace or clean your furnace filter.  This should also be done frequently throughout the winter.  Your home will be more shut up during the winter than the summer and so any dust particles will continue circulating through your home instead of moving outside.  A clogged or dirty filter makes it harder for the furnace to push out warm air.
  •  One of the most important things to consider doing is to have your furnace inspected.  It should be inspected around every year, and what better time than right before it is going to be used?  Certified technicians will check over your unit and make sure that everything is working properly.  If you must get a new one, a contractor such as Flame can make sure that you have the right type and size of furnace in time for winter.

Other than just these tips, I also recommend making sure you do have enough blankets and hot chocolate around the house.  Though, we do not have to hibernate-we should still make sure that our home and furnace are ready for winter!

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