How do I Know Who to Pick? Picking the Right Contractor

I have recently moved and am now faced with the task of finding myself a new doctor.  This seems overwhelming and unbearable to me.  So much so that I will probably put it off and then when I actually get sick and need a prescription for something like strep throat or a sinus infection, I will be really annoyed that I do not have a doctor.  Whether you have moved or are just looking for a change, searching for reliable service providers can be daunting.  Sure, in some ways it may be easier in this age of internet where one can simply type in “hair salon” and millions will pop up, but it also means that any kid with a pair of scissors can now masquerade as a legitimate hair stylist on the internet.  Since, according to my father, the only difference between a good hair cut and a bad hair cut is two weeks, perhaps going to the wrong hair salon would not be the worst mistake.  Picking a heating, cooling, plumbing or electrical contractor is a different story.

Pulling Out Hair


HVAC technicians, electricians and plumbers are inside of your home for hours, sometimes days making some major repair.  It is important that you feel comfortable around them and can trust that they don’t just know how to make a good website, they also know how to fix a furnace.  There are a couple of ways to go about this.  One of the easiest and most reliable ways is through word of mouth.  Ask your neighbors who they have used in the past?  Did they like them?  Why or why not?  Most likely your friends and family are not being paid to advertise certain companies and have had real experience.  This makes them a really good source for information.

Another way is by using online review sites.  However, be aware that some sites, like Yelp, filter their comments.  This is an attempt to screen for biased comments but sometimes true comments are filtered therefore giving a false portrait of the company.  Lastly, in the Detroit area, America’s Master Handyman Glenn Haege is a great resource for all things home improvement.  His radio show:  Handyman Show with Glenn Haege and his website both offer resources for finding legitimate contractors.  Be sure to do background research on companies.  Look at their websites, speak to them on the phone and meet with them in person.  One of the most important things to look for with heating and cooling companies is that their technicians are NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified.

Buying a furnace or air conditioning is something you may only do once or a few times in your lifetime.  Therefore, it is completely natural to feel overwhelmed or apprehensive about choosing the correct contractor, especially since it is such a big decision.  I hope that you do not procrastinate this task and begin the research now.  If you have any questions about heating, cooling plumbing or electrical or are interested in having a consultation about a new unit, please feel free to contact Flame!

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