How to Keep your Home Clean With Your Thermostat

How Your Thermostat Can Help Clean Your HomeDid you know that vacuuming could actually make your dust and dirt problem worse?  Yep–all of that hard work, up in smoke!  Or, should I say, all of that hard work, up in a cloud of dust!

That’s because most vacuums actually “…spit fine dust and bacteria back into the air…,” according to WebMD.  An Australian study tested a wide variety of vacuum cleaners and found, to some degree, all of them emitted dust and bacteria into the air.  In fact, even those with HEPA filters were found to release only slightly less bacteria and dust than those without.

A seemingly unlikely feature in your home can help to rectify this situation:  your thermostat.

How Can My Thermostat Help with Vacuuming?

You heard me right, your thermostat can help you while vacuuming.  Take a look at your thermostat.  It either has a switch, or a section on a touch screen that controls the fan. Usually we recommend the ‘AUTO’ setting for the fan.  That means the fan will only turn on when the furnace or air conditioner is actually running.  Leaving the fan set to ‘ON’ all day long can rack up those utility bills.

However, next time you pull out your vacuum, switch the fan setting on your thermostat to ‘ON’.  Now, your HVAC system’s fan will help to circulate air and pull that dusty, dirty air created by the vacuum back into your duct work and through any air filters or purifiers.

Once you’ve finished vacuuming, just remember to set your fan back to ‘AUTO’ afterwards!

We may not be able to help you with any of your other spring cleaning projects, but we are always happy to help keep your air easy to breathe and your home comfortable.  Contact us at Flame Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Electrical if you have any questions!

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