How to Shovel Snow the Right Way

How to Shovel Snow the Right WayShoveling snow seems pretty self-explanatory, right?

1. Move snow out of the way with a shovel.

2. Done.

Until  you realize that your back is killing is you, and you’ve only done the first 1/4 of the driveway.  So, is there a way to do it the right way?  We think so!  Read some of these tips to find out how.

How to Shovel Snow the Right Way

1. Push the Snow Instead of Shoveling It

Sports-health advises that pushing the snow, which is easier than lifting it, can help to prevent injuries.

2. Wax the Shovel Blade

A quick spray of Pam or other cooking spray to wax the shovel will help prevent snow from sticking and building up on it.

3. Don’t Forget the Bushes

After heavy snowfalls, bushes can get weighed down by snow and break off.  When clearing pathways and driveways, don’t forget to brush the snow off the bushes.

4. Bend your Knees and Lift with the Legs

This is another tip to help prevent injuries.  Snow, especially damp, compacted snow, can become pretty heavy.  Reduce the strain on your back by making an effort to bend at the knees and lift with the leg whenever shoveling.

5. Shovel in Layers after Heavy Snow Falls

When the snow is deep, don’t try to lift all of the snow in one area out at once.  Instead, shovel the snow away in layers.

6. Watch Where You Are Shoveling

Homes with high efficiency furnaces (98% AFUE and above) have intake and exhaust pipes located along the sides of the homes instead of through the chimney.  If these pipes become clogged with snow, that can cause the furnace to malfunction.  So be careful to avoid shoveling snow in that direction.

Metro-Detroit has already seen record breaking snow fall for this year.  And, if this is a predictor of things to come, it won’t be our last sight of snow.  So, be prepared to keep your driveways clear and homes warm.  Looking for more information about preparing your home for winter?  Contact us at Flame Heating, Cooling, Plumbing, and Electrical!


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