How to Show Your Furnace Some Love this Valentine’s Day

Show your furnace some love this Valentine's Day

February 14 is a day for celebrating love…(and a day for eating copious amounts of chocolate, guilt free).  During the winter months, your furnace is one of your most important family members as it works hard to keep your home safe and warm.  So, this Valentine’s Day show a little love to your furnace.

Your furnace doesn’t want a box of sampler chocolates, nor does it want a pun-y Valentine or a box of candy hearts.  Instead, show your furnace some love by taking care of it.  Here’s how:

Check/change/clean the filter

The furnace filter collects dust and other particles floating in the air to help keep your home’s air clean.  Over time, it gets filled up with these things, which makes it much harder for the furnace to push warm air through and to heat up your home.  Check your filter every 1-3 months and change or clean it, depending on the type of filter you have, if necessary.

Clear the air vents

When a room or area of your home feels chilly it is easy to jump to conclusions:  “The furnace isn’t working right.”  “Air is going out right through the windows.”  These may be possibilities for a cold section of your home.  However, check the air vents in that room first.  Are they open?  Are they blocked by furniture?

Make sure the air vents are open and clear of furniture.  Otherwise, the warm air is not getting to that room directly, which means your furnace is working extra hard to heat it.  That’s bad for your gas bill and it’s not good for your furnace.

Schedule a furnace inspection

You should have your furnace inspected once a year by a qualified technician.  This ensures that everything is running smoothly and safely.  They do a complete exam of the operating system and make any recommendations necessary.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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