How to Use Landscaping to Reduce Summer Energy Costs

The warmer temperatures we spent all winter waiting for are finally here.  And with those warmer temps comes grass cutting, flower planting, weeding, and landscaping.  Look out the window and you will see that professional landscaping companies are everywhere cleaning up yards and refreshing garden designs.  Individual homeowners can be seen with garden tools in hand and car trunks filled with flats of flowers.  Yep, it is definitely springtime.

Choosing and taking care of the various trees, shrubs, and flowers that surround your home can be a pretty complicated process.  You need to think about sun access, how much maintenance a plant requires, soil quality, and of course, the overall aesthetic appeal.  On top of all of this, we want to urge you to also remember that your home’s landscaping can have significant impacts on your energy bills.

In fact, according to the US Department of Energy,  during the summer months, tree shade can reduce the temperature by 6 degrees and give you 15-50% savings on your air conditioner bills.  Maybe it’s time to update the outside of your home in order to save money–here’s how.

3 Ways to Use Landscaping to Reduce Energy Costs

1. Choose the Right Kind of Trees for Your Landscaping

Living in Michigan, deciduous trees are great options for energy savings.  These are the trees that lose their leaves each fall.  They will cool off your home during the warm summer months while their bare branches will allow sunlight to warm your home in the winter.

2. Choose Tree Location Wisely

Plant trees on the south side of your home for maximum shading from the sun.  Don’t forget about using trellises and pergolas to help shade outdoor areas such as decks and patios.

3. Don’t Forget About Trellises and Vines

Better Homes and Gardens recommends using vines in order to shade individual windows.  Just like with trees, deciduous vines will help to block the summer sun’s heat while allowing that same sunlight to warm the house during the wintertime.

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