Sick of 'Lizard' Skin? Try a Whole House Humidifier

Usually by December my hands look something akin to a lizard.  They look disgusting.  My hands are all dry and cracked and they usually hurt a lot.  At this point I try the “lotion sock” method.  I smother my hands in lotion or cream and put a pair of socks over them while I sleep at night.  Though, it is fairly effective, it is a hassle.  Humidifiers are a way to avoid lessen the effects of the dry winter air.  You can buy either portable humidifiers that you are filled up manually or have a whole house humidifier installed with your furnace.

A whole house humidifier can reduce dry or "lizard" skin.

Whole home humidifiers can be used to not only help dry skin but also lower heating costs and protect antique or wood furniture.  Moist, humid air often feels warmer allowing you to set your thermostat at a lower temperature. (Wikipedia:  Humidifier)

Whole house humidifiers are mounted on the duct work on top of the furnace.  They are controlled by a humidistat which measures humidity.  This is a device separate from the thermostat which is typically mounted in the basement by humidifier but can be mounted upstairs near the thermostat.  The humidifier should be turned on with the furnace when heating season begins.  However, before you do that, make sure that the water pipe to the furnace is turned on and that the evaporator pad is new.  The evaporator should be changed once a year, at the beginning of the season.

If you are sick of having dry, cracked skin this winter, feel free to contact Flame about a whole house humidifier.


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